Revelation from the Treadmill

Revelation from the treadmill: I was pondering this morning grace vs the law. You know how can God love us when we do things wrong all the time, etc.? God revealed to me that He loves me the same all the time because when He looks at me… He sees Christ. Then the question is “why?” all the law in the Old Testament, “why?” the do unto others and don’t do this and that  in the New Testament? And He gently let my brain wrap around it… those are for my benefit and for the benefit of the gospel being carried to others. The rules that He gives are for my best emotional, physical, and spiritual well being and for those around me. And the rules are also given for the spread of the Gospel…who wants to listen to someone talk about ” their Jesus” when they are a habitual liar, thief, adulterer, etc?  So if we don’t obey these things it stops the spread of the Gospel. Of course we all mess up and no one is perfect you say… circle back to grace…oh God, you are so wise!

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